Weblinx, Inc. Weblinx, Inc.

Built to grow and Serve

The Chicago-based web design and development firm, Weblinx, Inc., is the lifelong dream made real by Andy Clements. Beginning as a home business with an inspired plan, the company evolved from a single-person office to a 5,400-square-foot free-standing building fully staffed with web-design artists and marketing professionals.

Today, Weblinx operates more than 1,000 websites for commercial, non-profit, and government initiatives. With ever increasing talent and resources, it remains a renowned leader in web communication and digital marketing.

The company is also a pillar of community support throughout Chicagoland. As Weblinx continues adding staff and serving national businesses, its presence will be felt even more both in boardrooms and in communities.

Designed by Clements founded by Andy Clements while still in High School

Designed by Clements completes its 100th website project

Company moves from a home based business to professional office space

In October the company incorporates and becomes Weblinx Inc

Weblinx expands and moves to new office space

Weblinx creates “ITwerx” which allows customers to manage and update their own websites

Weblinx completes 500th website project

Weblinx outgrows their downtown office and moves to a 5400 sq ft facility

Weblinx expands support of 3rd party solutions including Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla

Weblinx “ITwerx” platform gets re-engineered using ASP.net 4.0


Weblinx begins integrating HTML5 AND CSS3 TECHNOLOGY

Weblinx launches weblinx.com with PARALLAX SCROLLING and RESPONSIVE DESIGN

Weblinx honored with Gold DAVEY award

Weblinx honored with a Silver W3 award

Weblinx wins multiple Communicator awards

Weblinx Inc., celebrates our 20th Anniversary

Weblinx named Oswego Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year